About Us

Chris CorbettChris Corbett is the founder of Buzzworthy Web Marketing.  After 20 years across business development in the nightclub, new home, and digital marketing industries, Chris found his way back to his passion of basketball and kids.

Chris now shares his daytime hours helping to build the impact of companies committed to positive growth in personal, athletic, and business development.  His vertical on the courts has definitely declined but he is looking forward to taking your small to medium business to new heights in the digital marketing arena.

On the courts or off, Chris is committed to growth and development and helps breath Passion, Purpose and Power into your marketing plan.

Do you commit to making your customers’ lives better everyday?  Chris wants to help you grow your customer base, your impact, and your profitability.



Erin Wilson - Content Writer & StrategistErin Wilson dreams of a world with progressive businesses, yoga classes in every airport, and an abundance of free samples at the grocery store. She is a spectacular content strategist and has done handstands in too many countries to list here.

She thrives on helping companies evolve and enhance their online presences. Erin is a compassionate business development strategist for companies committed to growing their impact in the gymnastics and health industries.

Despite being a millennial that meets deadlines and moving the ball forward at all times, she can’t resist her wanderlust. Originally a barefoot beach girl from South Carolina, Erin loves to travel, go upside down, and find hidden gems in every city she explores (especially if food is involved).

Her commitment as a competitive gymnast, accomplished writer, and disciplined task master have Erin tabbed as a budding superstar of digital marketing.


Paul ClowesPaul Clowes is a self-admitted nerd who is passionate about soccer and curious about the world. He is a professional soccer player, has a degree in Awesomeness, Marketing and Communications, and is most importantly an avid shower singer.

Originally from England, Paul enjoys traveling but is equally content exploring through reading about leadership, culture, and basically anything that doesn’t involve vampires.

He loves challenging himself, his marketing clients, as well as others around him, to have a good attitude and to persevere despite setbacks that might come their way. Paul enjoys content writing and business development to show that if you do just that, the results on the field, in business, and more importantly in life, are priceless.

Paul is committed to growing the digital marketing success of soccer businesses across the world.